Teaching Security

Illustration of a teacher presenting to a class, with a projection of cybersecurity symbols

The “Teaching Security” lessons introduce the foundational ideas of cybersecurity, built on threat modeling and the human-centered nature of authentication.

The materials are prepared by subject-matter experts with research backgrounds in the technical workings and social implications of cybersecurity.

Our lessons are designed to meet the cybersecurity learning objectives in the AP® Computer Science Principles (CSP) framework, but they are flexible enough to be used in any high school computer science class or program.

The Teaching Security Lessons

The Security Mindset: Cybersecurity through Threat Modeling

Illustration of two people looking at a whiteboard with a diagram of a computer system that includes users and potential adversaries

Introduces students to the basic concepts of cybersecurity and the “Security Mindset” through a series of threat modeling activities.

What Is Authentication and Why Do We Need It?

Illustration of monsters, robots, and villains trying to enter a door with a password dialog box on it

Breaks down the role of user identification and authentication in keeping systems secure.

Social Engineering: The Oldest Hack

Illustration of someone contemplating a login dialog being dangled off a fishhook by a tentacular monster

Gets students thinking about how both human nature and the structure of the Internet contribute to social engineering attacks.

Learn to Teach Security from CSTA!

The Computer Science Teachers Association has an online professional development course based on Teaching Security.